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The Coach

           My Story

I have over 25 years of experience - involved in both running and physical training.  Starting as a fitness trainer for sporting teams and individuals, which developed and built my knowledge of how the human body  works during exercise and importantly how to get the best out of people.

I am a passionate runner who brings my enthusiasm across to Eager2Elite, along with attention to detail to ensure that  I am thinking and using my knowledge and experience to give you the best chance to enjoy, challenge yourself, achieve, and remain injury free throughout your running journey.

I have competed in duathlons at an International Age Group Level and regularly run marathons in sub 2:55. 

My Philosophy

I believe that everyone responds to training differently and by getting to know you as an athlete I can get the best out of you.

I understand we all have different time commitments and abilities. I utilise training data and personal feedback to ensure the sessions are right for you.

This personal attention allows each program to be specific to you and reduces risk of injury, allows you to train at the right level (training pace is worked out for all sessions) and ultimately  this approach will get the best out of you.

I believe coaching does not stop with the session given, and I adjust sessions for fatigue and other commitments as well as guiding you through all other aspects of running including injury prevention, race day nutrition and ongoing support.

I believe coaching  is much more than just a on-line plan, and together we can achieve so much!



  • Associate Diploma - Applied Science Fitness & Recreation

  • Accredited Level 2 Athletics Australia Recreational and Community Running Coach

  • Currently a sub 80 min half marathoner and sub 2:55 marathoner

  •  Over 25 years involved in running, duathlon and triathlon

With Eager2Elite you will receive the personal attention your running deserves. I'll be alongside you from the beginning right through to the finish line.

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