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Every runner who joins the team becomes part of the Eager2Elite network - gaining access to support, advice and goal driven programs. Here is what some of my runners have to say about Eager2Elite.


After a long plateau in running performance, I have had many PB's over various distances since I started with E2E. Gav has assisted me to discover abilities that I didn’t know I possessed!

Gav’s training programs are very individualised with my goals in mind. He provides feedback on each of my running sessions using TrainingPeaks - a necessity since I relocated to NZ. He is readily available for regular catch up sessions where I can discuss how training is progressing . Being coached via long distance has not been a barrier at all.

With the help of Eager2Elite coaching I have been fortunate enough to be selected representing Tasmania in the Australian half marathon championships - something I wouldn’t have dreamed was possible, I feel that anyone who is motivated to improve their running performance would benefit from having input from Eager2Elite coaching as training sessions could be customised to differing abilities.

Eve ,New Zealand , Boston qualifier and state representative


I have been training with Gavin for nearly a year and without doubt, he is the best running coach that I have ever met.

I had run 2 marathons previously but my training was always hampered with injuries, to the point where I started questioning whether I should continue chasing my goal of completing the World Six Marathon Majors. 

The expertise, guidance and encouragement Gavin provided through my sessions has been amazing. Gavin has helped me train smarter and become much stronger.

I loved not having to think about my training program and just waking up every morning to follow the individualised workout set for me (which conveniently synced with my Garmin). His consistent updates and redesigning of my sessions kept me progressing consistently, even with life’s little interruptions. Most importantly, I achieved my goal of completing the Boston Marathon feeling confident, strong and injury free. 

Whatever your running goal or fitness level, I can highly recommend Gavin. He is experienced, supportive and extremely passionate about helping others achieve their goals - in short, he is simply excellent.

Ayesha, Queensland, London - Tokyo - Boston Marathon Finisher


I joined Eager2Elite with a goal to run the Sydney Blackmores FULL marathon with only a short 8 weeks until race day. That’s right, a full marathon with only 8 weeks to prep! 

Gav was able to provide me a personalised plan to suit my needs. 

All my workouts were set out and kept me accountable. I loved how after each of my workouts, Gav would be notified and would provide same day feedback. It really kept me on track.

I was 100% prepared for my marathon with Gavs coaching. My nutrition was on point and I was prepped mentally and physically. I even smashed my goal of 4 hours. I would highly recommend Eager2Elite for anyone (I mean anyone! I am no elite athlete, just a girl who loves to run 😊) seeking a run coach.

Kate, Canberra, 1st Time Marathon Finisher


Gav gives you so much personalised attention and focuses on your specific goals and needs not only for running but your fitness as a whole and ensures you can perform at your best!

Kat , Canberra 5km Park Runs to multiple Half Marathon Finisher

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