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Are you are looking for more than just a generic running or triathlon program?

Not sure what pace to run?

 Want a coach to be there with you right until the finish line?

Want help with putting all the elements together for your triathlon?

Read on as Eager2Elite is the coach for you!

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     Target pace based on your fitness level

  • Runners & triathletes often make the mistake of training too hard for certain sessions or simply do not understand what pace is required to reach their potential. 

  • The guess work is taken out with target pace and goals for all sessions.

     Every program is specific 

  • I achieve this via a specific questionnaire, one on one consultation and physiological testing.

     Progression of training

  • I adjust the program using data from TrainingPeaks and ongoing feedback.

  •  Sessions get harder as you improve, utilising data to achieve this.

      Runners of all abilities

  • A beginner aiming for a 5km through to Ultra Marathons & Ironman events, you DO NOT have to be an elite athlete to benefit from my coaching.


      One on One Consultation

  • Prior to designing your program I meet with all of my runners & triathletes. I can do this remotely via video conference. I believe in understanding you as a runner and other key factors such as work and lifestyle, as they play a big role in an enjoyable and successful running/triathlon program.

      Individual feedback 

  • This is a 2-way conversation and I listen to you to ensure progress, fatigue and enjoyment are managed.

  • Comments from the coach post sessions to keep you on track.

      Personal attention

  • Continues throughout the program with ongoing support from me with video consultations and consistent feedback on your sessions.



       Eager2Elite uses a software program called TrainingPeaks which allows:

    All Sessions Accessed Remotely

  • Each session (including pace, intervals, drills and more) delivered to your phone or PC. 

  • Using a smart watch you can simply follow the instructions for interval sessions or tempo workouts.

     Scientific Data

  • Access to a wealth of data including long term fitness and fatigue levels, as well as   detailed heart rate, cadence  and pace information from each session.

     Premium subscription to TrainingPeaks

  • Is all included as part of monthly coaching fee, this gives the client access to a range of information and support.


      Linked to my coaching account

  • Your program is always updated by Eager2Elite. You can access the program at anytime, anywhere!


  • Chat to the coach directly after your sessions are completed with messaging  functionality within TrainingPeaks.

  • All you need is a smart running watch, such as a Garmin, to be able to upload your sessions.

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     FOR LESS THAN $110 (inc. GST) PER MONTH
  • For $99 (+ GST) = $108.90 total price a month. You receive all the benefits listed above. I believe this is outstanding value, for the personal approach and care given to all my runners & triathletes. 

  • No long-term contracts, try for a month and see the difference I can make to your running and triathlon journey. 


     Running drills videos

     Nutrition Information guide for racing and training

     Events & Training Camps Travel as a group to running and triathlon                 events around the country and across the world. Be part of running &               triathlon specific training camps

     Eager2Elite Facebook Group with athlete challenges, updates & awards

     Technique Assessment

      In connection with a physiotherapist at Set2Physio 

      On site or remotely utilising Hudl app:  Apple or Google Play

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1. Athlete questionnaire. 

Complete and email it back to me and I will contact you directly to organise a follow up consultation.

2. Click here join TrainingPeaks  It will link to my coaching account.
3. Download the TrainingPeaks App. Google play or Apple (it is free).
4Sync GarminConnect or other account to TrainingPeaks.
This is very easy to do, and it will then automatically upload all your run sessions.
5. I commence your program, it appears on your phone via TrainingPeaks.
Start running!
Feel free to call or email if you have questions or if you need help with any of these steps.
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